• Song of the Vajra (Engels)

Song of the Vajra


Unborn, yet continuing without interruption

neither coming nor going, omnipresent

Supreme Dharma

unchangeable space, without definition

spontaneously self-liberating.

Perfectly unobstructed state

manifest from the very beginning

self-created, without location

with nothing negative to reject

and nothing posiive to accept

infinite expanse, all – pervading

immense and limitless, unbound

with nothing even to dissolve

or to be liberated from.

Present beyond space and time

existent from the beginning

immense dimension of inner space

the radiance of clarity

is like the sun and the moon


indestructible like a Vajra

stable as a mountain

pure as a lotus

strong as a lion

uncomparable bliss

beyond all limits



peak of the Dharma

light of the universe

perfect from the very beginning.


The song of the Vajra comes from the Nyida Kajor, the Union of the Solar and Lunar Tantra.
It is also the principal mantra of the ‘Bardo Thödrol’, known as the Tibetan ‘Book of the Dead’