Free 7 day video intensive

21 to 28 of March

Awakening beyond happiness

Prajnaparamita takes you on a 7 day journey with conversations about happiness, truth, surrender, spirituality, simplicity and awakening.
Immerse your being in these great subjects and let yourself be touched.

Who is Prajnaparamita

Prajnaparamita is a spiritual guide for all who long to find freedom in themselves.

She tells us that nothing needs to be understood, done or solved to realise the supreme reality, the Self of all that exists.
It is the dedication to truth that yields awakening, an overwhelming dawn of peace and unconditional love.

Wat is satsang?

Prajnaparamita: “The university of life where everything falls apart. Everything you know, everything you try to maintain, everything you cling to, all your beliefs, all your right, all your position, all you.

Satsang means to come together in truth. And when we use the word truth in such gatherings, we are referring to That which is always true, which is immutable and immeasurable. ”

How does it work

The video intensive is from Sunday March 21st to Sunday March 28th.
During this week you will receive a video every morning. You can view these when it suits you. You do not need any special programs to watch the videos.

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Awakening beyond happiness

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