Wings of Freedom (Engels)


This book stands in a long tradition of spiritual teachings, offering dialogues between the spiritual guide and their student.

It is written for those with an intense desire to dive into life’s big questions: what is reality, what is freedom, who am I really?

Dit is de Engelse vertaling van het boek Ontwaak



WINGS OF FREEDOM offers a doorway to the liberating revelation of the mystery within. Here, in the heart of life, everything is perfectly resting in itself.

With piercing clarity, the reader is guided to see the illusionary nature of ideas and beliefs. Nothing needs to be understood, done or solved to realise the supreme reality, the Self of all that exists. It is the dedication to truth that yields awakening, an overwhelming dawn of peace and unconditional love.

Prajnaparamita’s teaching is universal, her expression vital, playful and deeply free. Cultivated from two decades of teaching internationally and printed in English for the first time, this book is a passionate invitation to awaken and spread wide wings of freedom.