Enhance your gift

In- depth sessions for the highly sensitive

Trust your feelings, intuition and unique gift

Welcome, I’m Anne-Aafke.
In one-on-one sessions I support your alignment with well-being.

During the sessions, we use perceived obstacles as doorways to expansion; gaining ease, flow and clarity around the topic that holds your attention. The sessions are holistic – integrating mind, body and heart – and specifically tailored to you.

More play, power, magic

About me

My background is in performing arts: producing, directing and performing.

After having initial success on stage at age 22, I felt stuck. While occupied with succeeding in the eyes of the audience, I lost connection with myself.

After living a year in solitude in France, I regained connection and began hosting sessions from my van; guiding others to release inner blockages, creating space from where things can organically flow again.

I’ve been having these in-depth interactions with people since 2012, in both private- and corporate settings, including with the International Red Cross. 

Enhance yourt gift

If you like to learn more, visit my website and feel free to contact me at: info@anneaafke.com