Retreat weeks
at La Roseraie de Sacha, France

Masterclass Vigilant Awareness

In-depth retreats at La Roseraie de Sacha

In these special times, we have made special arrangements enabling you to come. We will offer you an in-depth retreat for the first week of your stay.* This is an unique opportunity to spend your days in deep contemplation, profoundly silencing your being, giving yourself to the great mystery within.

* We love to keep La Roseraie a healthy environment for everybody, so we have designed special guidelines for your stay. Upon arrival we will share with you the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for the first week of your retreat, safeguarding all’s well-being. 

Remember, this will be a masterclass in vigilance! And sofar… people who have been here in recent months, love it!

Retreat weeks

Below you will find retreats with special themes.

Padmasambhava week

17 – 24 OCTOBER

In this week there will be a 24 hour recitation of the Vajra Guru mantra; the Self in the form of Padmasambhava.

This mantra calls the essence of all ‘Buddhas of all times’. The universal essence is perfect in itself and is contained in this mantra. Like every year, we will recite this 24 hour meditation with drums.

Would you like to come to La Roseraie de Sacha?

Please contact Marcelle to make good agreements in the light of the latest news. >>

Satsang & retreats



From 3 October Retreat weeks La Roseraie de Sacha
October 4 and 11 Online satsang La Roseraie de Sacha
October 17 to 24 Padmasambava retreat week La Roseraie de Sacha
October 18 and 25 Online satsang La Roseraie de Sacha