Texts from Prajnaparamita

Advaita Vedanta

What is the essence of Advaita Vedanta? To no longer identify with what you think and experience. What you are is undefined and unconditional. Your body, senses or thinking can never affect the very essence of your existence, an untouchable perfect truth, belonging to...

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The light illuminating existence

You are born, you live for a while, and die. Your whole life is a series of experiences in all sorts of colours: from nice to not nice, from saddening to joyful, from angry to happy. But don’t you just want to be happy? You try to find love, solace and security: in a...

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Enlightenment is now

What is insight? Insight is intrinsic knowing. An insight leads you from understanding to seeing, from knowledge to wisdom. Usually we experience ourselves as someone in the world, living a life in the context of time, space and causality. It may take a while before...

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I have been waiting so long

I have been to satsang three times already and still I am not realised. Yes, why does it take so long? What are you holding onto? Now you can see that everything comes and goes and comes and goes. Nothing is static, everything is continually moving and changing - a...

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Forget yourself

I am driving myself crazy. Forget yourself! The moment you forget yourself you feel immediately happy. At night, in the depth of dreamless sleep, your sense of being dissolves and you are incredibly happy. The moment you lose yourself in something, in music, in sport...

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What is awakening?

What awakening is cannot be described – words cannot approach the great mystery.This mystery has no character and no form. No name will do – and all names will do. Although words cannot convey this mysterious awakened presence, they work well enough as pointers. The...

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