I have been to satsang three times already and still I am not realised.

Yes, why does it take so long? What are you holding onto? Now you can see that everything comes and goes and comes and goes. Nothing is static, everything is continually moving and changing – a coming, a being here and a no longer being here. Dis-cover the unborn principle in all manifestation. What is it that does not change in all change? What is it that is hidden behind all experiences and that is simultaneously so acutely present? Be still and listen to the revelation of the mystery. Give yourself to silence. Do not allow the mind to rest upon whatever fleeting image that passes by. Let them float by. And you will see. You will see that you are the timeless One. See it now. When else would you see it?

I have been waiting so long already.

What are you waiting for? For the golden moment when everything is ‘just fine’? See that you do not really want to abide in life as it is presented to you. See that waiting is delaying. Waiting is expectation, expectation is time. God does not show up in time, God is timelessly present – now.

I am in a hurry.

Is haste your best move to realise timelessness? Where do you want to go, hopping and galloping to later, better and there? What you long for so much has never been lacking. All this time you have been running away from Home. In all your rushing you have kept overlooking it, the fulfilment and peace that you are – the Love that you are.

There is here, here is everywhere, now is always. Surrender now to what is here, always. Make no distinction, no separation anywhere. See that the person that wants to bring about those divisions does not even exist.

Surrender that ‘I-want’ in all its flimsiness, that ‘I-am’ in all its futility. Pour yourself into everything, empty yourself into everything. And here you will find your Self, in everything. No longer as a separate fragment that we call I. No longer lonely, but released and absorbed into One. And then you will see – the light of God in all eyes.

Yes I see that is so, but I overlook it.

So slow down your speedy life, decelerate your activities, just a little bit. That’s how you exit the groove of your habits, making you immediately aware of your tricks and strategies. You see more, you have more rest, more time, more overview and more joy.

I am way too busy and so I cannot…

All your conditions are a hidden excuse. No circumstance can prevent you from discovering who you really are. Not one – your past, your present situation, your stress – whatever. What you are is free! Free from what you have gone through, free from what you are going through now, free.


This is a text from the book Wings of Freedom