Sabbatical weeks

Contemplation and inspiration in the French countryside

Take a week for yourself. Leave family and work behind and allow yourself to be nourished by nature, meditation and inspirational conversations. Here – free of the bustle of the world – your companions are contemplation, deep silence and intensely star-filled nights.


La Roseraie de Sacha is a historical property surrounded by hedges and small lanes, offering forested areas, natural springs and permaculture gardens centred on a seventeenth century chateau. Sheltered from the outside yet available to wide-open views, a property of seventy acres provides space for walks and time to be alone.

Sabbatical weeks are one of the many ways to participate at La Roseraie de Sacha, a place that inspires the art of natural living in those longing to live a passionate, joyful life.


In a week of ‘nothing’ where you recalibrate your life, redefine ideas of well-being and success, you will see how much energy becomes availabe when you live in alignment with your deepest longing. Your creativity and power will turn full on the moment you live unrestricted by limiting ideas and structures. What a gift and inspiration for yourself, your loved ones and and the people that you work with.

A restful mind

During your stay you will be offered one-to-one sessions with Prajnaparamita, an enlightened teacher from the Netherlands who has been giving retreats and guidance wordwide for the last eighteen years. In these conversations, the door to wisdom is opened in your very own heart, cultivating lightness of spirit and a restful mind.

~ Live greatness, live love ~

The rhythm of the day

The day begins with meditation, followed by an invitation to engage in activities in the gardens and on the land. After lunch you can walk, swim in the river, or simply do nothing. In the evenings there are gatherings with Prajnaparamita directing you to the source of all happiness: the awakened, undivided heart. These you are welcome to attend as you prefer.

All meals are delicious, vegetarian and organic.

Experience the richness of living on the land in a co-operative atmosphere,
where respect for the balance between humans, animals and nature is cultivated and cherished.

The journey

By car: 290 km. south of Paris.

Contact and information

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