La Roseraie de Sacha

Non dual retreat center for Awakening

and the art of natural living

La Roseraie de Sacha, The Rose Garden of Sacha, is the name of the property in mid France where Prajnaparamita gives retreats.

Sacha is the name of our ancient spiritual lineage. Sacha means Truth. That quality of truth that is true for everyone, everywhere, at all times.

Graceful & solid

The property is old, very old, 600 years. Architecturally, it is both feminine in its grace, and masculine in its solidity. Located in the countryside, surrounded by hedges and small lanes, ancient trees line the property, alongside several springs, a few lakes, vegetable gardens
and an orchard.

An impression…


It is so quiet, sheltered, but also open with expansive views. We live here with our dog Zenna, some cats, several horses, chickens, thousands of birds, deer, squirrels, lizards and salamanders and all sorts of astonishing animals that are new to us.

What a liberating blessing to leave the mind at rest, to open and allow,
with no more need to hold on, to live truth and love, totally.


Most of the year it is here that Prajnaparamita offers weekly retreats. There is daily satsang and meditation, there are delicious meals, most of the ingredients harvested from our organic gardens. We hardly talk, and this makes it so easy and natural to merge in nature and wonder.
During the retreats you will be encouraged to not trouble the mind and simply live in the light of awareness. The meditations, the satsangs, picking vegetables from the garden – is there really a difference when you are simply aware?