Excellence Reporter: Prajnaparamita, what is the meaning of life?

Prajnaparamita: This question contains an assumption: life has meaning, we just need to figure out what that is.

But does life even have a meaning?

Life just lives. It is neutral in itself, expressing itself as it does, in a continuous flux of coming and going.

People like to assign meaning to their lives to give it direction, motivation, significance, value.

Without meaning people tend to experience their lives as empty, useless, a painful nothing. Life needs to be clothed in purpose and meaning, to keep the un-ease of nothingness at bay.

The assumption at the heart of the question about the meaning of life is that people think they are a person living an individual life.

People have forgotten however that they are not a person living a life, one they want to be meaningful. Their true identity actually, is a great mystery, the unknown Self of all that exists.

And nothing it is indeed: unbound, undefined, free and spacious.

Simply experience this disturbing idea of nothing and realise its empty nature. Here reside no assumptions, no convictions, no control, no fear, no suffering, no-thing.

When this is seen by heart, the whole subject of a meaningful life falls apart, it ceases to carry any validity.

When this is seen by heart, all statements, understanding and ideas flow freely and pass by like birds in the sky. They are seen for what they truly are, a hologram, with no inherent reality whatsoever. Everything and all is ever only imagined.

The essential issue of life is realising one’s true nature. This leaves one joyful, carefree, grateful and utterly present.

Be very still and listen within:

Who are you without answers?
Who are you without questions?
Who are you without memories of your past
and without images about the future?
Who are you without any understanding,
without any definition?
What is prior to mind?
Who are you really?

Realise that no idea and no understanding will bring lasting happiness.

It is the awakening to your true nature that will bring unconditional peace and fulfilled love. This quality of happiness does not need to be supported by any idea. Happiness does not deal with beliefs, points of view or philosopy. Happiness is just happy, springing forth from a deep inner source, the moment the mind is still.

No longer trouble the mind, nor bother with any idea, let alone the meaning of life.

Be still, take rest in the great un-known and wake up to yourSelf.


Prajnaparamita wrote this article for excellencereporter.com