Satsang evenings and intensives

Satsang with Prajnaparamita

Meeting in the heart

Satsang evenings



• 8 January
• 19, 26 March

Time:  Monday evening 20.00-22.00 pm (door open 19.30 pm)
Location:  Church, Eemnesserweg 63b, 3743 AE Baarn, Netherlands. Map
Information:  Joke

Satsang weekend intensives

– Allow the sun to rise in your heart and be a beacon of light unto the world-

dorje_in_handA weekend to deepen, enliven, strengthen and soften in the wisdom-field of Prajnaparamita. The weekend consists of five satsangs which consider life’s most essential questions: truth, compassion, love and awakening. Satsang is a spontaneous expression of wisdom, with questions asked by those that attend, with loving guidance offered in the responses of Prajnaparamita. On the way, we share music, precious insights with meditative mantras in the mornings, all aimed at attaining a deeper quality of being, an awareness of our true selves.


• 17 February Satsang day
• 23-24-25 March
• 11-12-13 May


• Friday: evening satsang, starts at 20.00 pm
• Saturday: meditation – morning satsang – evening satsang
• Sunday: meditation – morning satsang – afternoon satsang, ends at 18.00 pm

Location:  “The White Church” Kampstraat 8, 3741 AR Baarn, Netherlands. Map
Information:  Joke +31-302443546 or

Accommodation for the intensive is self-organised. The following websites may be helpful in arranging accommodation: VVV Nederland, and
If you need help finding a place to sleep, let us know.