Online satsang via zoom

Attending online satsang using Zoom

Here is all you need to know about attending online satsang with Prajnaparamita using Zoom.
Even if you are experienced with using Zoom, please read the following as some sections specific to satsang with Prajnaparamita.

If you have not yet downloaded Zoom, please go here and select ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’.

Entering satsang

Step 1

Click on the Zoom link for the satsang

You will have received this by email. Zoom starts up in a browser. Click Launch Meeting. The Zoom application will start up by itself.

Step 2

Enter your name

This name will be displayed next to your video during satsang. If you log in with an unknown name, we can not admit you

Step 3

Turn on audio and video

Click the blue buttons that say ‘Join with video’ and ‘Join with Computer Audio’. There is also an option to test video and sound before clicking these.

Prajnaparamita likes to see everyone who is at satsang. For this reason, we ask you to please keep your camera turned on for the whole satsang.

Step 4

Choose your view

At the top right of your screen is a button that lets you switch between Speaker view or Gallery view. We suggest you use Speaker view during the satsang. Before and after satsang, if you want to see everyone’s faces, you can select Gallery view.

Step 5

Make sure you are sitting comfortably

Make sure you are not seated in front of a bright light, such as a window. Check that your face is well lit. This improves the quality of experience for everybody 😊

On that note, please do not eat or drink during satsang as it is distracting for those on the other side of the screen. Switch of your phone so you will not be interrupted.

Step 6

Asking questions

At the bottom of the screen click on the Participants icon. Then select Raise Hand. Now the moderator knows you would like to ask a question. Please do not ask questions via the chat.

When you are selected to ask a question, the moderator will ask if they can unmute you. Click the blue Unmute button. Now we can hear you.

Once the conversation ends, the moderator will put you back on Mute.

During satsang

If there are audio or video technical difficulties, please let us know in the Zoom chat, or via email: